Mark Vicente

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Since Apr 2010

Testimonials of the markvicentezumba experience

’The only Class I can trust with putting a smile on my face while burning calories.   Mark’s talent in keeping the class in constant motion rests on his timely rhythmic choreography and lively music creating a synergy  which lifts the crowd to an endorphin-induced euphoria by the end of the class.   Hard to come down after a workout like that.  Mark popularized Zumba for his legion of fans with his dynamism and passion at Concordia.    He will be sorely missed, but his memory lives on in everyone who was touched by the Zumba craze he helped to create. No doubt he will continue to create a Zumba buzz wherever he dances.’  

Michael Rinaldi, Co-Ordinator, Campus Recreation, Concordia University

'Mark made me fall in love with Zumba in September 2013.  After my very first class, I told him: "this is the best exercise ever!", but what I actually meant was "this is so much fun, it hardly feels like exercising".  Mark has this amazing ability to make us enter into another dimension where fun, love, joy and friendship rule and where everyone is a star.  His energy is addictive and contagious.  Hundreds of us have fallen in love with his spirit of kindness and friendship that overflows, fills our hearts with joy and puts a smile on our faces.  I would fly over the ocean every week if I could to dance with Mark.  You are so lucky to have him in your hometown, so don't miss your chance of dancing with Mark.  Do it on the behalf of all of us in Montreal that miss him so much!'

Albena Davidova,Research Assistant, Physiology Department, McGill University

'Zumba with Mark is the high point of my week! Not only does he choose great music and has created routines that are fun to do, his kindness and positive energy makes everyone feel good.'

Vikki Stark, Psychotherapist, Sedona Counselling Centre of Montreal

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